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Brand: STRIPLOX Cat No: STRIP240023103
Striplox - Pro 23 Packaged:  Qty 4 Sets Pro 23 The Striplox Pro 23 connectors have been designed for literally hundreds of uses, from large scale architectural projects through to custom design features. The Striplox Pro 23 is ideal for installing modern timber battens, hanging..
R 315.45
Brand: STRIPLOX Cat No: STRIP240098103
Striplox - 90D 98 (4”) Black Packaged:  Qty 2 Sets 90D 98 (4”) The Striplox 90D 98 is an innovative engineered solution designed to quickly and easily connect any right angle joints. It is ideal for common joints including mitre joints, butt joints, T joints, square joints, frame..
R 315.45
Brand: STRIPLOX Cat No: STRIP240050103
Striplox - Clip 50 Packaged:  Qty 4 Sets Clip 50 The Striplox Clip 50 is designed with some smaller precise applications in mind, this versatile and strong connecting system can be used in the tightest of places quickly and efficiently in commercial, architectural or domestic ap..
R 315.45
Brand: STRIPLOX Cat No: STRIP240055103
Striplox - Pro 55 Packaged:  Qty 2 Set Pro 55 The Striplox Pro 55 connectors are the same design as the Pro 23 but with a larger size for extra heavy duty requirements. With a larger load capacity, you can achieve leading edge designs with architectural projects, furniture designs,..
R 315.45
Brand: STRIPLOX Cat No: STRIP240060103
Striplox - Mini 60 MM Packaged:  Qty 10 Sets Mini 60 The Striplox Mini 60 connectors are an invisible joiner suited to everyday builds, custom cabinets, wood joints and anywhere else you commonly use biscuit joints, fasteners or cam and dowel products. The Striplox Mini 60 cre..
R 315.45
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